French Global Hub

Accompanying researchers on the complex, messy, and uncertain journey of transformative change

As a response to the myriad interconnecting socio-environmental challenges we are faced with today, the French Global Hub of Future Earth is dedicated to creating spaces for the diversity of researchers working in sustainability science to collectively reflect on current practices, imagine new ways of working and living together, and develop capacities to engage in transformative research


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Autumn School 2023

Rencontres Sciences de la durabilité 2023

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Our Activities

The Pathways Initiative

The Science-based Pathways for Sustainability Initiative aims to be an inclusive and integrative response to the pressing need to produce knowledge and understanding in systemic interactions, competing development agendas, and transformations in concrete contexts.

Autumn School

The Autumn School is a space for early career researchers to learn, share and reflect on the current research modes and practices in sustainability science in order to gain a better understanding of sustainability challenges and the capacity to better engage in inter- and transdisciplinary processes needed to affect societal transformations.

Past Events

Autumn School 2022

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Rencontres Sciences de la durabilité 2022

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Future Earth Open Science Day 2022